Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1. The moon is a glowing ball of light.
2. Freckles are burrows when they spread across your face.
3. His arms were curly like noodles as they lifted the heavy chair.
4. The stars are light bulbs as they twinkle in the night sky.
5. The storm was a bomb as it clawed against my window.
6. The freshly mowed lawn was a playground. for bunnies
7. The noisy children were herds of stomping brachiosaurus as they raced through the museum.
8. I was a thief as I tiptoed across the wooden floor.
9. The river was a rubber as it twisted and turned down the mountain.
10. His cheeks were apples as he chewed the giant wad of bubble gum.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I think sharing the world means: We are not the only people around. Humans are not the only things that are breathing. We have animals. From a long time ago, we humans are helped by animals and vice versa. Until now, animals are equals to humans. We sometimes have pets as companions. We give them a home and food and in return they are fun playmates. This is why we need to care for animals. We have to save the earth. Save everybody's home and preserve this world for the following generations.