Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ten best questions about Baduy

1. Why did the Baduy tribe call themselves Kanekes?

2. What is the Baduy’s language and why and where did they learn it?

3. Suharto tried to force them to build schools but they refused and as a result they can’t read and write and then they are having trouble to do...

4. Why and who built the villages and ricefarm so far and did every people work?

5. Until which area of Baduy are the foreigners allowed into go in?

6. What would happen if the foreigners meet with the inner Baduy?

7. What is the difference if the inner and outer Baduy?

8. What is inside of inner Baduy?

9. Who made the taboos and why do they made it?

10. Why do the spot of the Baduy looks like a triangle and was it an accident or a symbol meaning something and if it is what does it do/mean?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My presentation from the PYP exhibition

This movie is about the life of a green turtle that has been in the Newmont turtle hatchery. This movie was made after we went home from Sumbawa and we made it for our PYP exhibition on the 28th and 29th of May. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

telling a story in 50 words-story: The gold giving serpent

A poor farmer called Haridatta. In a hot day, he lay down on a hill and saw a serpent. He gave it milk and found gold. His son took over and he wanted to kill it but the serpent bit him to death. The farmer regretted it. The serpent disappeared.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

There is-There are-There isn't-There aren't

(golf courses) Yes there is golf courses in Jakarta.
(shopping centres) Yes there is shopping centres in Jakarta.
(International Schools) There are international schools in Jakarta.
(ice rinks) There are ice rinks in Jakarta.
(virtual reality game centres) There are virtually reality games in jakarta.
(movie theatres) There are movie theatres in Jakarta.
(hospitals) There are hospitals in Jakarta.
(car wash centres) There are car wash centres in Jakarta.
(photocopy centres) There are photocopy machines in Jakarta.
(chair lifts) There aren't any chairlifts in Jakarta.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


These are the mines for copper. First is the Palabora mine. Second is the Open pit copper mine. Third is the Sur Sur mine. Fourth is the Kennecott copper mine. And lastly the Chiquicamata mine. Where the mines are in the pictures is the square or pin the order is the same as the one I wrote.

Countable and uncountable

1. There are a lot of fossils in the Gobi desert in China.

2. There are a lot of emeralds in underground rocks.

3. There are a lot of pearls in the pacific ocean.

4. There are a lot of diamonds can be found in the volcanic eruptions.

5. Lots of sapphires can be found also in underground rocks.

6. Zinc is found in the South America.

7. Limestone is a sedimentary rock.

8. Gold can be found in all mines.

9. Zinc can be found in Peru.

10. Copper can be found in the Sur Sur mine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1. The moon is a glowing ball of light.
2. Freckles are burrows when they spread across your face.
3. His arms were curly like noodles as they lifted the heavy chair.
4. The stars are light bulbs as they twinkle in the night sky.
5. The storm was a bomb as it clawed against my window.
6. The freshly mowed lawn was a playground. for bunnies
7. The noisy children were herds of stomping brachiosaurus as they raced through the museum.
8. I was a thief as I tiptoed across the wooden floor.
9. The river was a rubber as it twisted and turned down the mountain.
10. His cheeks were apples as he chewed the giant wad of bubble gum.